Migrate on-site e-mail servers to Microsoft 365

Moving existing e-mail servers to the Microsoft 365 (formerly office 365) cloud service can be a complex task. Brevard Cloud can help you make the migration to the cloud a success.

Cloud migration done right

By moving your existing in-house e-mail servers to the cloud you are gaining a lot more than simply moving your e-mail service. Features such as Cloud storage, Office apps and services, collaboration tools such as Teams, individual and shared calendaring, are just a few of the features gained. However, migrating your existing servers to the cloud can be a daunting task which, if not done correctly, could lead to data loss and outages.

Brevard Cloud is experienced with migration tasks and can help you move your exisiting Exchange and other e-mail servers to the cloud. Our planning and prep-strategies minimize (in most cases even zero out) downtime and preserve existing data.

Once the migration task is completed, we will support your organization, with ongoing maintenance and modification tasks.

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